perjantai 12. tammikuuta 2018


What a way to start 2018 - with some goblins. They could actually be called reinforcement too as these ten chaps take my gobbo strength from the army book minima of 20 to 30. In 3rd edition WFB that actually means quite a lot. The unit can now lose seven green skins before and not have to test for panic where it was just five before.

 All ten of them. The first three on the left are Citadel
C12 Goblins and the rest come from the Iron Claw line.

A closer look on the C12 goblins. That chap with eye glasses
is simply a lovely sculpt. 

Iron Claw goblins in the middle.

And the ones on the right side. Lost of teeth visible.

Please don´t mind the drawn-by-a-5-year-old-goblin shield. Just
wanted to show you the nice details of the back side of this sculpt.
The feet wrapping, belt and pouches, studded leather armor. I like it.

The unit these guys are joining is still missing a musician. And when I get one I will propably need at least one gobbo more to get their total number to 32 and break point to 8. Or should I aim for 40?

And now I hate to decide what to paint next.... Ruglud´s orcs for big uns? High elf cavalry? High elf chariot? War machines for green skins?

lauantai 30. joulukuuta 2017

My Oldhammer year 2017 - a hobby review

As the year 2017 nears end it´s time to look back and see what has happened during it. I will reflect my doings to the Oldhammer: How todo it! -list written By Orlygg back in 2013 and see how I did. But lets begin this posting By showing you something that I´ve never painted before: a plastic imperial guardsman.

I´ve never really been a 40k guy. The younger me didn´t have the resources to buy both fantasy and 40k models plus I was strugling to paint even the WFB stuff I had. But I´ve always been fascinated by the old style imperial guard as presented in the WD109. That issue might just be my single favorite WD ever.

A couple of months back I had chance to buy a 30+ pile of old guarsmen both metal and plastic. All with plastic hand and weapons plus a few weapon/hand sprues. They´ve been resting in a box waiting for me to decide whether to keep them or to sell them forward. Then just the other day I wanted a break from painting gobbos, dug out one of the troopers and quickly did what can be seen above. Not fancy but will do for me. I might do some more in the future but I haven´t set myself any goals with these.

With that said it´s time to move on to the list and see how I did.

1) Get your hands on the original publications

 I´ve owned 3rd edition rule book all these years but my WFB:Armies book was lost at some stage. This year I managed to aquire a new copy for which I am very happy.

2) Bookmark online resources

This sort of comes with the blogging. One of the top 3 web sites I use is propably the Oldhammer Forum. The other one is the finnish speaking Sotavasara (=Warhammer) that has a slowly growing oldhammer community in it.

3) Start Small

I have to admit, I like building an army. I want to have a goal and then I do my best to reach that. I´m not good at painting a dozen models to do scirmish with and then expand that warband to an army.

I really haven´t kept a list or anything on how many models I have painted this year. But as I look back on my blog postings I can pretty safely say it´s roughly 140 pieces. By far most are green skins: about 50 orcs, 50 goblins and 5 trolls. The rest are mainly elves: 11 2nd edition Blood Bowl elves and 20 Black tree design elven guards. 

My plan was to expand my high elf army a lot more than I actually did but I got carried away painting those orcs & goblins.

4) Focus your collecting

 I can say that I´ve been pretty focused on elves and goblinoids. I fact the only thing painted this year that is not elf, orc, goblin or troll is this imperial beastman (and the imperial guardman above). He is my applicant for Oldhammer forum´s Legacy 2017 painting challenge. 

5) Start blogging 

Vanhaa Vasarointia celebrated it´s 2nd birthday on 2nd dec 2017. During 2017 I´ve published 41 texts this included. My personal favorite is the animal handler series of articles that took a couple of months to complete.

On 16th dec 2016 my blog had had 10000 views and if I remember it right I had ten readers/followers at that time. Now the view counter is 34000+ and 31 readers. A BIG thank you to everyone who has been here.

6) Ignore 'Buy it Now' prices

I wish I could say that I´ve followed this rule. But no, I have to admit that I´ve fallen to several BIN purchases in 2017. It´s usually something that I at that moment think is needed immediately but then ends up waiting to be painted for several months.

7) Create real scenarios


8) Become a GM

I put that and between 7 and 8 as these two go strongly hand in hand. Three different scenarios were created and I GM´d those scenarios four times. Here´s the largest and best documented of those scenarios: Trouble att he Fur Hunters´ Hut.

Having gotten into GM´ing WFB with narrative scenarios it really feels like my thing. There is always room for a pitched battle but as a gaming experience I think that one gets a lot more fun out of a written scenario.

9) Network on social media  

Oldhammer community, Scandinavisk Oldhammer and Oldhammer Finland are just some of the groups I´ve joined.

Happy New Year everyone!

maanantai 25. joulukuuta 2017

Christmas Troll

First of all - Merry Christmas to all my readers! I hope you have had time to relax, spend time with your loved ones and do some painting.

I did a trio of troll earlier and they made their first appearence in games last summer. In the two battles they have been in so far they have fared terribly. The only reason for that has to be that I don´t have enough trolls. I got Slomm painted for Oldhammer Oulu meet where he was part of the Troll Slaying event. And now this guy takes my troll toll to five. Five is sure better than three?!?!

There is actually nothing Christmas or even wintery about this troll. He just happened to be completed this Morning. The cats woke me before anyone else and after feeding them I had some time alone to finish this guy.

Marauder MM40/1 Troll. I wonder who
manufacturessuch troll sized swords?

The trio - two gaming appearances, zero wounds caused, twice routed.

Leaping Slomm Two-Face. Actually fared pretty
well in Troll Slaying event.

At the moment I have some Iron Claw goblins and old Imperial Guard models on my painting table. Let´s see if I can get something out of them for new year.